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Resources for the public behavioral health system.

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Data Management Systems

Web-based interfaces to manage your data. From simple data collection and reporting to complex interdependencies and reporting to multiple entities we can build a system to handle your data. Have an older system that needs to be modernized? We do that too!


End-to-end encryption used to protect your data while your data stays in the United States.


Turn your data into meaningful information to help drive business decisions.


Translate delimited files into HIPAA files and back. Adjust files into custom formats replacing missing data.

Our Toolset

Here are a couple of the tools that are in use by our customers serving the behavioral health needs of Washington residents.

screen shot of the CCDS interface.


The Care Coordination Data System (CCDS) is the core of our data system to support crisis lines. CCDS is a HIPAA-compliant solution that allows your staff to collect necessary data to support your crisis line services. CCDS supports reporting of HIPAA and non-HIPAA format files to payors.

screen shot of the BH ASO Tools website


A web-based interface to manipulate a variety of file formats into other formats.

  • X12 format <=> delimited file types;
  • replacing values within files;
  • and more.

A growing toolset as customer needs arise.